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DC - 30

DC-30 Grain Pre-Cleaning Equipment

The DC-30 grain pre-cleaner has the capacity to operate at 1100 bushels/hour and includes multiple sieves so that it can be used on a variety of crops like wheat, soybeans, durum, oats and others. Its versatility makes it extremely popular among farmers who choose to farm multiple crops simultaneously.

We invest in the very best grain pre-cleaning machines for our clients, because we believe that they deserve to work with the best. With our durable, high quality machines you can rest assured that you’re able to maximize efficiency throughout all of your grain pre-cleaning tasks.

If you would like to learn more about the top of the line DC-30, give us a call at 763-360-1467. We’d love to help!


Productivity 1100 bushels / hour

Length 96.5 in

Width 37.4 in

Height 61 in

Weight 1080 lb

Power 2 hp


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