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No matter what your farming operation output is we pride ourselves on building the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective grain cleaning solutions. Here are just a few of the things satisfied farmers are saying about our machines.

Al - Major, SK
Have been cleaning grain for seeding with my GCS-2200 and I am very pleased with the outcome. The cleaner has been a great solution for our farm.

Duane - Williston, ND
I bought GCS-1400 to tackle high level vom in wheat and durum; I had about 12-16% vom and I was very happy to see the cleaner to help me get vom out so that I could sell my crop.

Kelly - Humboldt, SK
I cleaned my durum with heavy levels of fusarium with my GCS-1400 and am very happy with the outcome; it has been a great solution for me.

Neil - Petersburg, ND
GCS-750 grain cleaner is giving me great results cleaning hemp. Turned out to be a great solution for our hemp business.

Dale - Iron Springs, AB
My GCS-2200 is up and running and it works really well for my operation. I am cleaning Alfalfa and very pleased with the results I am getting.

Jim - Starkweather, ND
GCS grain cleaner saved my crop this year! I bought GCS-750 last September and I am so happy I had this machine to do all of my cleaning.

Wade - Wilkie, SK
I have a GCS-1400 cleaner and I am actually running up to 1,200 bu/hr so I am happy with productivity of the machine.

Toby - Beaubier, SK
I upgraded from GCS-750 to GCS-1400 and really like the extra capacity the bigger machine offers. Very pleased with results I am getting!

Ryan - Clarkfield, MN
The cleaner is working very nicely. We have run them through scalper/screener first so they are pretty clean. It is doing a nice job with the split, sticks. I would guess we are cleaning about 400 bu/hr.

Gordon - Outlook, MT
GCS Grain Cleaner saved my crop. It\'s the best machine on the market as far as I understand to tackle VOM issues.

Justin - Grace City, ND
GCS 1400 is the best machine we ever bought. I know we will not be afraid to grow durum again because we now have tools to fix VOM problems if we have it again.

Leonard - Berthold, ND
With VOM levels at 4-5% I was running 1000-1200 bu/hr on GCS 1400 Grain Cleaner. Was very pleased with results I was getting.

Sabe - Torquay, SK
Already cleaned about 100,000 bushels of durum with my GCS-750 grain cleaner and I am so satisfied with the results. Looking to upgrade to GCS-1400 later this year.

Ron - Liebenthal, SK
Was running lentils with my GCS-750 cleaner and was comfortably operating at about 550 bu/hr. Output was exactly what I was hoping for!

Greg - Plentywood, MT
I have been using GCS-1400 grain cleaner to clean scab out of durum and reduce vomitoxin levels from around 6 ppm. I have been successfully getting 1.4-1.5 ppm after running it through my grain cleaner. Very satisfied with the results I am getting.

Toby - Beaubier, SK
GCS-750 grain cleaner was very easy to set up on a trailer and I am able to move from bin to bin on my yard which simplifies the cleaning process for me. This cleaner is a great tool to get fusarium out of durum.

Mark - Williston, ND
Bought my 1,400 bu/hr grain cleaner a few weeks ago, was up and running the next day I got it and have seen tremendous results thus far. Very pleased with the outcome I am getting, considering all of the vomitoxin in our area this year.

Wade - Grenora, ND
Cleaned about 85,000 bushels of wheat that had major vom issues, was able to get the percentage down enough to sell the grain at the going rate. Very satisfied with the investment in the GCS-1400 cleaner!

Robie - Jewell, KS
Running my GCS-750 grain cleaner at about 500 bu/hr and I am very happy with the seeding material I am getting out of it. Looking forward to planting some strong, healthy seeds this season!

Dan - New England, ND
After purchasing a cleaner from you last fall we were able to reduce our Vom levels enough to fulfill the contract we had to deliver on (roughly 100k bushels). We also cleaned our peas and durum for seed.

Rodney - Lansford, ND
After bringing our 750 bu/hr grain cleaner we were able to start working with it almost right away. I was impressed by how user friendly it is and how intuitive it is to operate the machine.

Robin - Francis, SK
After making the set up we desired the cleaner was easy to work with and did a great job cleaning our grains.

Michael - Almena, KS
Grain Cleaner that I got just a few months ago works really well, doing a good job taking scab out of wheat. Pleased with my purchase of the 300 bu/hr unit.

Phil - Bainbridge, GA
I like the performance and simplicity of my 450 bu/hr seed cleaner. I am planning on precleaning my crop before seeding for years to come.

Hal - Bowbells, ND
Seed cleaner is working good and I like the setup I have. Working with vomitoxin and the machine is a real help with this issue.

Don - Saskatoon, SK
The guys that I worked with when buying the cleaner have been great, they got me the right machine and have been very supportive through the initial stages of the setup. It is an easy cleaner to work but it was great to have their help along the way.

Randy - Pender, NE
Bought 300 bu/hr model and have been running canola through the cleaner at its max capacity and have been getting excellent results!

Alan - Tolley, ND
After buying GCS-750 grain cleaner, I am pretty happy with my decision. The capacity is just right for me and keeps my operation going at the pace I need.

Jeff - Torquay, SK
Have been running thousands of bushels a day and the results are what we hoped for when we made the purchase! This cleaner has been a great tool to tackle fusarium issues in durum.

Randy - Fillmore, SK
Smaller unit that I bought has been quite versatile for the many crops that I need to clean. Great investment!

Donnie - St. Ansgar IA
I cleaned wheat with your GCS-600 model and was satisfied with what I got out in the end. Like how it is easy to navigate and move around.

Jim - Inman KS
I bought your smallest unit and ran it at about 100 bu/hr and was quite happy with the output. That was exactly what I was looking to accomplish.

David - Gull Lake SK
Bought GCS-300 along with my neighbor and we are very satisfied with our purchase! Seeding material was of very high quality!

Darcy - Stewart Valley SK
The grain cleaner worked very good! We did 6,000 bushels of lentils in a couple of days; next we will be trying some durum wheat. I have had lots of guys stopping in to look as i am on a major highway!

Murray - Tompkins SK
I have got the cleaner going and so far everything is working great. I managed to figure it out on my own without having to bother you. We have done durum wheat and lentils so far. Everything is looking great!

Mike - Mission SD
My 1200 bushel/hr cleaner that I got this August is exactly what I needed for a while now. I like how compact it is and how easy it is to move around. With this machine I can do a lot.

Terry - Elektra TX
The machine does a good job of separating the grain. However, no machine is perfect as you can still find some small kernels in the seed but overall it does a very good job.

Steven, Greg - Dresden KS
Picked up 600 bushel/hr cleaner on Monday and was already cleaning the same week. Did not take much to set it up and get the controls right, had to play with it at first but got comfortable with operating the machine very quickly. Thank you guys.

Doug - Roblin MB
It was very easy to switch the set up from wheat to soybeans. Like the simplicity of the machine! Very happy!

Tom - Bloomfield MT
Just wanted to punch you a note and tell you I finished cleaning yesterday morning. I had already cleaned some wheat before we came out last week, but with the new cleaner I cleaned about 3,000 bushels of spring wheat and 1,200 bushels of peas. It worked well. I still have some learning to do, but I think it will do exactly what I want.

Scott - Wichita Falls TX
I like the fact that I can regulate the speed and the quality of grading, it is nice having that flexibility. I got it running at full capacity!

Ron - Atwater SK
My neighbor saw my cleaner work and now he is looking to get one. 300 bushel/hr unit is just what I need as an organic farmer.

Rob - Bowman ND
The cleaner does what guys at the show promised it will do, did not take much time getting used to working with it.

Tom - Butte ND
There is no simpler cleaner on the market! It is a tool that every farmer should have.